Kidney Transplant Evaluation

The National Kidney Foundation estimates that about 350,000 people in the United States have end-stage renal disease.

Dedicated transplant clinic

Nephrology Associates’ physicians manage a dedicated transplant clinic at Erlanger Medical Center.┬áThe purpose of the clinic is to evaluate and prepare individuals who are candidates for kidney transplant, and manage the care of patients during the immediate post-transplant period.

Coordinated care through the transplant team

Nephrology Associates works closely with transplant surgeons, nurses, and social workers at all major transplant centers in the region.

Post-Transplant Care

We will take responsibility for all aspects of your post transplant care. During your recovery in the hospital you can count on care from a Nephrology Associates physician who is knowledgeable about your health history and condition.*

Once you are released from the hospital, we will be in close contact with you to monitor your recovery and the function of your new kidney. You will be assigned a care team including your nephrologist and a nurse coordinator who will work closely with you to monitor medications and recovery.

* The physician(s) you see in the hospital may not be the same physician you regularly see at our office. However, all of our nephrologists work closely together to ensure an exceptional level of care for every patient.