On-site services

As part of our commitment to optimizing patient care, Nephrology Associates has a state of the art facility with comprehensive on-site services. We can take care of all of your renal-care needs in one convenient location. Our on-site amenities include:

Full-Service Clinical Laboratory

Our new state of the art CLIA certified laboratory delivers important blood test results in minutes instead of days. Our doctors will be able to interpret results more efficiently and patients will receive treatment faster by eliminating the need for multiple office visits.

Ultrasound Lab

Our ICAVL-certified Ultrasound Lab offers abdominal ultrasound procedures ultrasound procedures including kidney, bladder, and kidney vascular imaging. We can immediately obtain a patient’s complete renal picture, enhancing treatment and eliminating a separate trip to a radiology center.

Anemia Clinic

Our Anemia Management Program offers IV-Iron and Erythropoiesis stimulating agent (ESA) administration, offering added convenience for patients, and enabling our staff to monitor patients per recommended guidelines.

TOP (Treatment Options Program)

Our well-trained clinic staff educates patients on different modalities of dialysis. We offer both classes and individual consultations.

CKD Education Clinic

Our on-site CKD Education program. Our CKD Educator and Dietician provide chronic kidney disease education and nutritional support to patients. The Clinic is located upstairs at the Chattanooga Location.