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About Kidney Disease

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and millions of others have increased risk.

Those considered to be at increased risk include people with hypertension, diabetes, or a family history of kidney disease. Early detection and treatment can help keep CKD from progressing.

At Nephrology Associates, we are committed to providing quality care in a convenient and friendly environment. We encompass all aspects of kidney care, from patient education in early disease state to pre-emptive transplantation and dialysis in those with advanced afflictions.

Our nephrologists lead a team of over 80 clinical, technical and administrative personnel, but you are the most important member of your health care team. We encourage you to learn all you can about kidney disease and its complications. The information provided in this section is intended to be a good starting point, but we do encourage you to be proactive in your communications with your physician, and with our practice.